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Invest in agricultural and Industrial lands for a better tomorrow!

Rami Yazbek

The Lebanese economy suffers from development difficulties and repercussions from the ongoing financial and economic crises. The COVID-19 pandemic came with a very high economic and social cost, ultimately deteriorating the situation.

A long-term and comprehensive response to the impact of COVID-19 involves the real estate sector. The real estate sector has an effective role in guiding investors to inject their money where it is most effective.

Therefore, we must work to establish a new process that is geared towards working in both industrial and agricultural sectors, by directing investments with industrial emulsification in general industries and, particularly, the food industry. Self-sufficiency can only be achieved by investing in agricultural lands because they will be the focus of attention and support from the government, donors, the United Nations, as well as the private sector and civil society.

Let your land be your support and work on thinking about a future that will lay the foundation for recovery and equitable development for a better tomorrow. Be careful how you spend your money, and invest in today’s land because its value is constant and does not change.

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