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Rami Yazbek

As the country’s economy gets worse, it is clear that the situation will continue to be difficult every day. We are also aware that real estate is tightly linked to the financial sector.

This is why, in an effort to get through this crisis, we have to understand that the real problem is the exchange rate from LBP to USD along with the lack of liquidity in banks.

To reduce the impact of these issues, we have to split the risk by buying and selling in the real estate sector. This will protect the deteriorating middle class that plays an extremely important and effective role in the world.

How can we do it? Capitalists should be encouraged to invest their money instead of saving it in their bank accounts. This way, the money will be split into different accounts instead of being held in one. These investments reduce the risks of both parties.

Finally, as long we maintain the same level of supply and demand, prices will stay the same and preserve the value of investments from money in the banks and the real estate sector.

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